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HSE Policy

Health Safety and Environment Protection Policy

The Company’s philosophy for health, safety and environment is to develop a safe working and accident prevention culture to ensure that safety and the environment are an integral part of everyone’s daily work and not an ‘add-on’.

  • In the context of carrying out our technical missions, HSE is our most important day-today consideration.
  • Accidents are preventable through close attention to potential hazards and appropriate action by each individual and the responsible organizations.
  • Managers and supervisors are responsible for ensuring that an adequate system is in place to carry out work safely and environmentally responsibly. An identifiable line management chain is ultimately responsible for each work activity.
  • Each supervisor is expected to ensure that all individuals reporting to them understand the HSE expectations, governing work controls, and the means by which they can safely and successfully perform their assignments while providing responsible environmental stewardship of the environmental resources in their care.
  • Each individual is directly responsible for ensuring their own safety and environmental stewardship in promoting a safe, healthful, and environmentally sound workplace and community. All individuals are to follow HSE-related work instructions If the work instructions cannot be followed safely as presented, or if they present a new hazard, the employee is responsible for notifying the appropriate individuals and assisting, as appropriate, in modifying the work instructions.
  • Employees at all levels will be held accountable for their performance with respect to HSE.

Any activity identified as unsafe, unhealthy or environmentally unsound shall not commence until acceptable solutions are found. This philosophy is summarized by the four points below:

  • A zero accident and injury rate target.
  • Maintaining the health and welfare of employees.
  • Preventing damage to the environment as a result of our activities.
  • Preventing loss of assets and minimizing exposure to financial liability.

Objectives and Targets

ALLIEDTECH’s objective is to complete the Project with fully embracing its Zero Accident Tolerance philosophy and achieving its target of ZERO injury or illness cases, lost time or not, ZERO fatalities, and ZERO incidents of a nature that damage the environment, property, or equipment. & to strive to achieve is 100% of the project job hours being accident or incident free.

Zero Accident and Injury Rate

To achieve this key objective, the Project Manager shall adopt the technique of risk management to all work undertaken on his project to identify potential hazards and initiate preventative measures.